The Tuesday Pod: When Purpose Outweighs Fear


In Progress: 10. Taking the plunge

Why You Should Be Listening…

I’m gonna be real with you, I compare a lot. Especially when I’m on social media. It’s not something I do that I like, but it is something that happens and something that I am working on. Even with this new blog, I noticed the comparison junkie creeping in last week as I tapped through grids of seemingly perfect content and mass followers (it fucking thrives on scrolling). I was looking for “inspiration” on how to curate POD.DRALAND’s Instagram page, but really I was looking for direction because I wasn’t trusting my own compass. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to do research and take notes, but it became a problem when I forgot my purpose (more on that later). 

If you’ve ever done CBT before (not to be confused with CBD -- though I’m sure that could help, too), then you’ll be familiar with distortions and comparing being one of them. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you identify these “distortions” that exist in our brains, particularly ones that have mapped themselves there for many, many years and cause us to get stuck into patterns of thinking. After identifying, you’re tasked with writing down all the thoughts that accompany a distortion, challenging those thoughts with questions, and then answering said questions with alternative ways of thinking. It’s helpful -- most of the time. Other times, I try to do distraction techniques like grounding exercises to keep me from spiraling. And other other times, I just really need to hear some badass, confident women speaking truth into my ears.

This week, I bring you just that: journalist and activist Noor Tagouri interviewing author, spiritual writer, and wellness educator Lalah Delia on In Progress from Girlboss Radio. Lalah talks about when she finally launched her website, Vibrate Higher Daily, which offers ways to grow and empower yourself, and everything that led up to that. This whole podcast is a series of ten episodes, all leading up to the final one for the season, your episode for the week: “Taking the Plunge.” This is the second In Progress episode that Lalah is on and it truly feels like a homecoming. Throughout the interview, Noor and Lalah engage in exactly what they express to us as essential in any type of partnership: an equal exchange. We get to hear about both of their journeys through resistance and you can tell how invested they are in each other’s stories.

They discuss this resistance and shame (from strangers to friends and family) and where that shame really comes from. They also talk about fear, finding the positive in it, and identifying your purpose (like my own that when forgotten let’s in those negative thoughts). Honestly, not all of the interviews I listen to have a mass amount of quote worthy lines, but I had to fight the urge to put the whole interview into the Quote Book. Instead, I’m going to let you listen to it and find out what meditative, encouraging gems are in there. Plus, there’s an Avengers reference and a Maya Angelou quote all in one interview. I mean, can it get any better?

Listen here.

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