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Good Company: “Nicole Gibbons on Life, Work and the Myth of Overnight Success”

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At what point did you start caring about interior design and home decor? For me, it was probably about a year ago. I used to have these beautiful dishes and bowls from Anthropologie hiding in my childhood closet waiting to be used in my “real home.” You know, the one with your life partner, and the one you wouldn’t have to move out of in a year because your building’s management company decided to raise rent $400. My coveted dish-ware had been on the floor wrapped up since my time as a sales associate during college. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I actually unearthed them and let food touch them. Let alone another person. I moved in with my boyfriend and figured, if he accidentally breaks one, at least I’m in love with him so I’d forgive him (theoretically).

One evening back in 2018, I happened upon this episode with Nicole Gibbons, the founder and CEO of Clare, a company changing up the paint shopping experience for interior design and home planning. It was right around the time I realized I needed to let loose the expectation of “real home” and start curating my space for me, regardless of how long I’d be there. Ironically, I was currently living in my second apartment within six months after an unexpected move out of Harlem. This place had a mold problem, the lease was month-to-month, and it was in a basement. I didn’t know how long I’d be there and at that point, I was anticipating a move before plans were even set into motion. Much of my things remained in boxes and almost nothing made it onto the wall. Three months later, I moved into another month-to-month and decided, fuck it, let’s decorate everything. Maybe I’ll leave in a month, maybe I’ll be here in a year, but at least I’ll like coming home. All my art was on the walls in a week.

This episode stuck with me, not just because of how inspired I felt about space curation, but because of Nicole’s realistic advice. She talks about the career moves that led her to become CEO and doesn’t shy away from the difficult parts. Her bright and candid energy mixes with her genuine excitement about the challenges in business development. Regardless of your business venture or side hustle, her journey also gives insight into one important thing: find what your community is craving and lacking, and then find a way to address it. Her path has been anything but linear and she’s gone through hours and years of side hustling that has actually paid off. Both Gibbons and Bonney get real about the behind the scenes work of building your own company and debunk the myth of “overnight success.” As someone who’s trying to start something from scratch, it’s encouraging to hear.

Whether you are looking for awesome business advice, are in need of intuitive and fun wall paint, or just love decor, this episode will definitely speak to you. I mean, check out these paint color names: Lemonade and Blue Ivy (shoutout to my fellow Beyoncé fans). There’s also Avocado Toast, Rosé Season (shoutout to my fellow rosé fans), and Nairobi Blue. Not only can she demystify paint buying, she adds personality into her business. The episode is on the short side, about 30 minutes. Perfect for a short commute, making dinner, or cleaning up your room. I also always love a good rapid fire question round at the end of an interview, and Bonney does not disappoint. 

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