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THE TUESDAY POD: GirlBoss Radio: “Luvvie Ajayi - NY Times Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Digital Strategist”

Why You Should Be Listening…

Earlier this year, I was talking with my boyfriend about wanting to create this blog and wanting to more actively explore freelance work. Though I have been writing and editing professionally for over five years, I found the words “imposter syndrome” passing through my lips. Afterward, he was confused and asked, “What’s that?” 

Honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh. I had always heard that men do not as often talk about imposter syndrome, if at all, and right in front of me was proof. I had also never heard any of my male friends speak about it, but I have encountered this phrase with my female friends often and have heard it discussed on many of the podcasts I listen to that are women-led; because we just get it. On this episode, author, speaker, and digital strategist Luvvie Ajayi speaks on it and gives advice and wisdom that actually feels tangible and not just rah-rah inspo speak. 

Her energy is infectious, and she is smart and funny in her delivery. When she talks about the importance of tact in truth and in owning the term “writer” for yourself, it doesn’t just feel like a cliché sentiment. Ajayi points out that the path to success or to a career as a writer is not always easy to identify. I would wager to say that’s true for any creative. She even helps us find the positive in imposter syndrome. After listening to this episode, I felt much more confident in owning the declaration “I am a writer” and acting on that identity. Even if I still feel slightly silly writing this blog. What’s even better is that she reminded me (and to those who listen to this episode) that a “linear career path” is not the only way to find success.  

And, hey, any men reading this (hi, baby, I see you, out here supporting me): I hope you will check out this episode. Maybe you’re dealing with these feelings and don’t have a name for it. Or, maybe you can start to understand what many of the women in your life may be dealing with. Not because we are in lack, but because of how we’ve been socialized.

Listen here.

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