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Hi, I’m Alexandra, and I love podcasts (if that wasn’t obvious already).

My name is Alexandra Cohl. I am a writer, editor, creative writing instructor, and hard-core wolf lover. Originally from Maryland, I moved up to New York City in 2014 and subsequently had a wild move throughout the city. The first summer, I found a sublet in Harlem, later moving to Hamilton Heights, followed by Williamsburg, and then Greenpoint. Now, I have settled in Queens with my partner and our thriving pothos plant. My fiction can be read in Luna Luna Magazine, and my nonfiction can be read in New York School Talk. You can check out more of what I do here. Now, onto why this blog exists.

I like to think my love of podcasts began when Serial’s first season came out, and I was fascinated not just by the story of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee but by the way Sarah Koenig investigated and told the story. While bingeing on it, my mother and I would call each other to dissect each week’s episode and try and figure it all out. Really, though, my love came earlier. Back before podcasts were popular, I remember car rides with my father, listening to NPR on the radio. One of his favorites was Car Talk, and he’d turn up the volume so we could really focus on their banter. I also remember Sunday mornings when he would make hash browns and omelets or my mom would make Belgium waffles from scratch, and Diane Rehm’s voice would slip through the sound of metal on pans. Something about the stories, the cadence made me calm.

Even after Serial, I found myself gravitating to other podcasts. I’d listen while cooking or while riding the one train during the morning rush hour. My first year in New York City, I began to have pretty severe anxiety attacks. Somehow, I happened upon a podcast where two guys would talk about their own anxiety, all the irrational things they did because of it, and how they dealt. At that point, I felt so isolated that their episodes were one of the only ways I felt heard. From there, I started listening to more because the sound of people talking was a helpful distraction, taking me away from my own thoughts. In the past two years, my interest has became a full blown obsession. I listen now not just for meditation, but for education, for inspiration, for research, and more.